What's Up with You Dude? Vol. 8


Time to clean out the FTVLive inbox and answer some of your questions. Let's get the ball rolling.  

Email 1 - I absolutely love FTVLive! I was wondering, are there any other TV websites like yours on the Internet?

Scott - The short answer is no there is not. There are other TV insider websites. There's one that basically just copies FTVLive. There's another that won't post anything until they get it in a press release from the station. And there's a third one that looks like it is written directly by the PR people from the network. Feel free to try the rest and then come back to the best. 

Email 2 - Are you going to get the new iPhone? 

Scott - Yep, I will be getting it the day it comes out. I have been using Apple's new IOS 7 operating system for months and I love it. When you will be able to download the new IOS will be announced later Today by Apple. It will be free and it is well worth upgrading to.

Email 3 - I used to hate on you and your website, but now I love it. 

Scott - Yep, I'm in the market for some new Haters. My old ones are starting to like me.  

Email 4 - I'm fairly certain that my station is not going to renew my contract. What should I do? 

Scott - Sorry to hear that, but you are not the first person to go though it. I would spend as much time as possible trying to land a new job. It is easier to land a job while you have a job. That way you don't have to answer the question "why did your old station not renew you?" Take your job search into hyper drive. Also steal as many pens and toilet paper from the station before they kick you to the curb.  

Email 5 - I work with my girlfriend at the same station. I'm almost positive she is sleeping around with one of the photogs at the station. What should I do?

Scott - Start banging that hot weather chick.