News Director Tries to Spin Stupid Story

On July 4th (yes FTVLive was working, while the others took the day off) FTVLive posted a story from WOAY, a really bad station in tiny Bluefield, WV. 

Two of the station's Reporters interviewed each other and people on the street as to what celebrity they would like to see as President. It was stupid to say the least, but what was worse, they ran the story in the first block! Now, we get that not a lot of news happens in small town West Virginia, but the state has been rocked by historic flooding lately and the floods continue to impact viewers. 

So, doing a first block story with your Reporters interviewing each other as to why Beyonce would make a good President seems like utter nonsense. 

WOAY GM Dennis Adkins apparently saw the story on FTVLive and emailed News Director David Miller (pictured, who is also an Anchor, like we said it's a tiny station) asking about the story and it's placement in the first block. 

Miller emailed Adkins back with some lame excuse that you can not cover the floods everyday and that FTVLive was a "scam" website:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.14.08 AM.png

A "scam website"? We emailed Miller and asked him how FTVLive was a "scam website"? Needless to say, he did not return our email. I'm sure he was a bit surprised that we got a copy of his email to the GM, but he still didn't have the stones to respond to us. 

Maybe he is thinking up the next question for the "A" block like "What piece of fruit would make a great governor?"

David Miller is a "scam News Director" that tried to pull the wool over his GM's eyes over his shitty news judgement. 

Enjoy small market TV David, because I think you're going to be there a while.