Tampa Reporter Shows Bias

It appears that the days of Reporters just reporting the news, telling both sides of the story and not objecting their own opinion are over.

You can likely blame cable news for that. 

WTVT (Tampa) Reporter Tina Jensen joined the station a year ago as an Investigative Reporter. Most Investigative Reporters do their job and do not let their political bias show on air or online. Jensen is not one of those. 

It seems that Jensen has decided that Hillary Clinton should be indicted, despite what the FBI says. Jensen sent out this tweet:

Now, if you're Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity or one of the others at Fox News, tweeting something like this is OK and is expected. Those people are not Journalists. But, Jensen works at a Fox O&O and not Fox News and is considered a Journalist. 

Sending out a tweet like this would get her reprimanded at many stations. Obviously her bosses at WTVT do not have a problem with this type of behavior, from what is supposed to be an objective Reporter. 

We would call and try to talk to her bosses, but you have to remember, this is part of The Firm and those bosses are not allowed to say anything. We know they won't talk to us, but someone should talk to their Investigative Reporter and maybe explain Journalism 101 to her, becuase she obviously missed that class.