Reporter Robbed, Staff Left in the Dark

A News 12 Brooklyn Reporter was robbed while out on a story and most the staff found out about it by reading the paper. 

The New York Post reports that News 12 Reporter Kena Johnson, who goes by the on-air name Kena Vernon, told cops she was sitting in her station’s news van about 3 p.m. on Monday in East New York when a female robber, Linda Sanchez  approached her passenger side door, the sources said.

The suspect opened the van door and let a dog loose inside the vehicle before grabbing the Reporter’s bag from the seat, the sources said. The two women struggled over the purse, but the victim prevailed, they said. The thief only ran off with her identification.

Cops, who were nearby investigating the shooting, arrested Sanchez and charged her with robbery and criminal possession of a weapon, police said. She had a 4-inch blade on her, cops said.

Reached by phone, Vernon declined to comment.

The kicker to te story is, that many in the News 12 newsroom had no clue that this had happened and found out about it by reading the paper. 

"We're an MMJ shop, so our reporters, many of them female, are out on their own on the streets of the Bronx and Brooklyn," said one staffer to FTVLive. 

"Our ND was in the newsroom today, there was no meeting held, there was no discussion of the event," the staffer added.

That's right, just bury your head in the sand and maybe this will go away. 

Love, just love the communications business.