KSAZ the Fox O&O in Phoenix has been teasing a big announcement as to who would be replacing Rick D'Amico on the station's morning newscast.

They have teased the story on social media and this morning they were going to say who it was in a big announcement. 

Well, FTVLive told you FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY yesterday that main Anchor Troy Hayden was going to move to the morning show and he was the one replacing D'Amico.

So, while Fox was doing their best to keep it a secret, FTVLive stole their thunder and told all of you who it will be.

Then, this morning KSAZ made the  big announcement and to our surprise it was not Hayden.

Ha...just kidding...of course it was and FTVLive was the first to tell you. 

Sorry Fox....it's what we do.