Orlando Anchor Out After Just Weeks

When Fox O&O WOFL in Orlando hired Anchor Erick Weber The Firm's PR department sent out a gushy press release to their pets (needles to say, they sent nothing to FTVLive).

In the release it said that, "Erick is thrilled to return to Central Florida as anchor of Good Day Orlando."

That release was sent out just a few weeks ago. 

Well, The Firm hasn't sent out anything on the fact that Weber is already gone from the station after just a couple of weeks. 

No one is saying why the Anchor, who worked a WKMG in Orlando years ago, has left the station. There were rumors, including that his family did not want to move back to O-Town among others.

Interestingly, The Firm isn't talking about their brief O-Town Anchor and people at the station are scratching their heads. 

Oh, and by the way, WOFL might want to take down the story on their website about how thrilled Erick is to be coming to the station. Because he is already gone. 

Just a thought.....