Ailes Letter (the 2nd one) to Rupert Murdoch


Here is Roger Ailes "resignation" letter to Rupert Murdoch. Well, it's Roger's second "resignation" letter to Murdoch.

In the first letter, Ailes concluded with, " look forward to continuing to work with you as an CONSULTANT in building 21st Century Fox "

21st Century Fox was quick to point out that Ailes would not be acting as a consultant and would only be an "Advisor" to Murdoch. 

Ailes changed the letter to reflect his lessor role. 

Dear Rupert, 

With your support, I am proud that we have built Fox News and Fox Business Channels into powerful and lucrative news organizations that inform our audience and reward our shareholders. I take particular pride in the role that I have played advancing the careers of the many women I have promoted to executive and on-air positions. Many of these talented journalists have deservedly become household names known for their intelligence and strength, whether reporting the news, fair and balanced, and offering exciting opinions on our opinion programs. . Fox News has become Number 1 in all of cable because I consistently identified and promoted the most talented men and women in television, and they performed at the highest levels. 

Having spent 20 years building this historic business, I will not allow my presence to become a distraction from the work that must be done every day to ensure that Fox News and Fox Business continue to lead our industry. I am confident that everyone at Fox News and Fox Business will continue as the standard setters that they are, and that the businesses are well positioned for even greater success in the future. 

I am proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing to work with you as an adviser in building 21st Century Fox 

All the best,