The Wrap Kills Off Helen Thomas for the Second Time

Poor Helen Thomas can't even rest in peace.

The longtime White House Reporter who died 3 years ago, was killed off again this morning by the website The Wrap.

The Wrap is a site that steals stories, labels them as "exclusive" and acts like it is all their work. At 7:07AM this morning, The Wrap sent out a "breaking news" alert that said that Helen Thomas had died. 

At 7:20am they sent out an amended alert saying the Helen Thomas story was "SENT IN ERROR, PLEASE DISREGARD"

A former Wrap staffer tells FTVLive that they believe what happened was, Helen Thomas was trending on Twitter Thursday night... and there was no one around at TheWrap who is old enough or savvy enough to realize that Thomas died three years ago.

The former staffer says that a number of their more season staffers have jumped ship over the past months. 

So to wrap (pardon the pun) up this story, Helen Thomas is still dead and has been for 3 years.