How I Work - Deborah Takahara

One of the more popular features on FTVLive is our "How I Work" segment (that we don't do enough of). 

We like to take a closer look at how different people, at different station, in different positions work. 

Today we head out to the Mile High City and visit with KDVR Main Anchor Deborah Takahara. Takahara has been at the Trubune station for 10 years, coming from KTVT in Dallas. 

He asked Deborah to tells us how she works? 

Twitter Name: @dtakfox31
Location: Denver, Colorado
Current gig: Evening News Anchor (5&9pm)
Current computer: Mac Book Pro
Current mobile device: Iphone6
One word that best describes how you work: Multi-tasking
What are your favorite Apps that you can't live without: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (thatnewslady), Snapchat (deborahtakahara..still learning) and PBS Kids Games (I have a 2 year old!)

What's your workspace like? I have a cubicle, where I read scripts and spend way too much time on social media (mostly because I am slow and trying to learn as I go), I spend a fair amount of time in our green room, where I do hair and makeup. Sometimes, I go through this process three or four times per day..before promo shoots in the afternoon, early evening news and late news. And I sit behind the anchor desk for at least two hours a day. In addition, my favorite days include a shoot in the field, reporting or field anchoring.
Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without? My hairdryer and round brushes.

What Music are you listening to? I listen to some pop music to try to keep up with my teenage son. I really love to listen to country music while I run. Most people tell me I’d run faster if the music was a little more upbeat and not about your boyfriend leaving, your dog dying and your car breaking down.
What's your sleep routine like? I usually can go straight to bed when I get home around 11pm. I wake up around 630 (again, I have a 2 year old!).
Best Advice you Ever Got? A judge in a murder trial in Texas once told me “If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.” I was requesting pictures of evidence in the case that had never been released. I got them. Exclusively. I learned that day to ask (and make a good case).

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