How I Work - Lisa Guerrero

The "How I Work" features have been some of the most popular content posted on FTVLive and it's time we get back into the swing on doing these.

Today we feature Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero.

Lisa has been an FTVLive favorite for years. She started in this business as a Sports Reporter and Anchor.

Today, she does investigative reports for the syndicated show Inside Edition, a show that has been around for years and keeps going.

FTVLive decided to ask Lisa, how she works?

@Twitter Name: @4LisaGuerrero
Location: On an airplane somewhere.
Current gig: Chief Investigative Correspondent for Inside Edition
Current computer: iPad Air
Current mobile device: iPhone 6s
One word that best describes how you work: Undercover

What are your favorite Apps that you can't live without? Twitter, Facebook, FlyDelta, Trulia, AP, NYTimes, DailyMail, Gogo and FaceCam (because I’m vain like that)

What's your workspace like?  My workspace is usually at a window seat on Delta Business Class, because I have ridiculous status, not because Inside Edition pays for it.

When I'm not working on a plane, I work in my home office surrounded with my dogs, my awards, my mosaics (I'm also an artist) and silly Wonder Woman tchotchkes

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without? iPad Air and Binoculars for surveillance.

What Music are you listening to? Classic Rock

What's your sleep routine like? Because I travel from time zone to time zone, my sleep situation is an absolute nightmare.

Best Advice you Ever Got? When I was a sportscaster, I was walking through a locker room when the players started to cat call me.  My cameraman turned on his lights and began to shoot it.  The cat calls stopped immediately.  He said to me, loud enough for everyone to hear, “Lisa, you have just witnessed the power of the media.”  I’ll never forget that lesson.  As a reporter, you’ll always have the final edit.

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