Houston Anchor Gone, Station Not Talking

Station's love to tell you how great the person is that they just hired as their newest Anchor. They gush about the Anchor, tell you about their family and talk about what a great addition they will be to the team.

When they fire the Anchor, the station clams up. 

KHOU has parted ways with Sports Anchor Pablo Alsina, but they are not saying why. 

Back in Agust of last year, when the station hired Alsina, they said this, “Pablo connects with people—the athletes he’s covering and the audiences watching him. He clearly loves that human connection just as much as he loves sports. He has fun—and it shows,” said KHOU 11 Executive News Director Philip Bruce. 

Now, KHOU GM  Susan McEldoon would not elaborate on the circumstances surrounding Alsina's departure. No replacement has been named, she said, adding, "We have great anchors and reporters in Matt Musil and Daniel Gotera, and they will be filling in."

Don't worry, when they hire his replacement, we'll hear just how great that person is and blah, blah, blah.

Until they fired that one.