Reporters Fire Back at CNN Media Critics

Yesterday, FTVLive showed you the clip of CNN Media Critic's Brian Stelter and Dylan Beyers gushing about Donald Trump's call to the CNN control room (to be fair, Stelter did most of the gushing).

The two basically claimed that Trump trumped the NY Times story about how he deals with women, by p̶a̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ having former girlfriend Rowanne Brewer appear on Fox and Friends to dispute the story. 

"It's an example of how Trump is so tuned in, so aware of media coverage about him," Stelter says. Byers claimed it reset the narrative. 

Needless to say, the NY Times and some other Reporters did not see it that way and they took to Twitter to let Byers and Stelter know. 

The Daily Caller writes, Politico White House correspondent Glenn Thrush and NYT reporter Maggie Haberman, who previously worked at Politico with Byers, scolded Byers for the piece.

Thrush also scolded Brian Stelter, who formerly worked for the NYT. John Harwood, who works for CNBC and the NYT, also jumped into the mix and got a loving kick in the head from Thrush.

THRUSH: Love Brian Stelter and Dylan Byers but Trump hasn’t “reset” narrative on women story and can’t without army of enablers. [He included a link to the Byers/Stelter piece.]

BYERS: Look at how media discussion changed between 6 a.m. (before interview) and 9 a.m. (after) and tell me he didn’t reset it.

THRUSH: Doesn’t matter who won a news cycle IN MAY. Story is true. Trump’s (complex) attitudes towards women will be major part of ’16.

BYERS: I agree with this point, but I think it negates your previous one.

HABERMAN: This is idiotic Dylan (said with love).

HARWOOD: So much love hearts bursting.

THRUSH: I love you, have deeper feelings than you’ll ever know, John, but f–k off immediately.

BYERS: Tough love.

Stelter ignored his critics, but tried to be light and funny about it, which isn’t something he does well.

He tweeted, “I stopped reading after ‘love brian and dylan.’ (just kidding).”