CNN Media Critic Talks about Trump's Call to CNN

CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter almost seemed giddy that Donald Trump called into CNN's control room and dictated as to what story they should cover. 

"It's an example of how Trump is so tuned in, so aware of media coverage about him," Stelter says, as if Trump is greatest thing since spray on tans. 

"You see him wanting to play the role of Producer here," says other CNN Media Critic Dylan Beyers, who appears more like a Reporter and not as gushy as Stelter is over Trump.

Sadly, Trump does dictate the narrative at CNN and has so for months. 

Which makes us wonder, is Stelter working for Jeff Zucker, or Donald Trump? 

Watch this clip of Stelter gush over Trump (if you have just eaten, you might want to wait 30 minutes before watching).