After Jokes CNN Cancelled Larry Wilmore Appearance

It seems that Donald Trump is the only one that can trash CNN and not be barred from the network.

While Trump takes his shots at CNN and the rest of the media world, CNN is only too happy to put Trump on the air whenever he wants. 

But, not everyone can take shots at Jeff Zucker's empire and get away with it. 

Mediaite says that Larry Wilmore was scheduled to appear on Don Lemon's show, but his appearance was cancelled.

You may remember Wilmore took some well deserved shots at CNN during the White Correspondents Dinner last month.

His jokes questioned why Wolf Blitzer is still on the air, to a roasting of CNN’s status as a news network at all, and in particular, “alleged journalist” Don Lemon got a special and biting shout out.

Lemon gave Wilmore the bird and seemed to roll with the jokes just fine. He invited Wilmore on his show  to discuss the WHCD speech, the “N-word” and politics.

It seems that Zucker's skin is not as thick as Lemon's and Wilmore was told that CNN just didn't have time for his appearance.

Gee....was it something he said? 

CNN has not commented on spiking the comedian's appearance, but it shows that only Trump can trash the network and still be on it.