Megyn Kelly Talks About "Surviving" Donald Trump's Attacks

""I just wanted to stop,"  "It was really shocking."

That's Megyn Kelly talking about her feud with Donald Trump. 

The story in People Magazine, titled, "Megyn Kelly Opens Up About Surviving the 'Ugly' and 'Threatening' Donald Trump Attacks...."

"Surviving"?! Megyn Kelly did not go through weeks of Chemotherapy after a long battle with cancer. 

"Surviving"? She was not in an abandoned building with ISIS fighters just a few feet away. 

No, Megyn Kelly was called, ""the most overrated person on television," by Donald Trump.

And she survived....

I know it's May sweeps and I know that Megyn Kelly wants to goose her ratings, but let's not go overboard.  

Kelly is paid millions of dollars to host a show on Fox News. She got picked on by a bully and then went groveling to Trump Tower to ask the bully to bury the  hatchet. 

Is this really a story of survival, or a story about a high priced TV host that put her ratings before her dignity?  Kelly begged Trump to be on her prime special that airs tonight. 

"I think the most electric moment will be when I ask him about this past year and what's happened between the two of us," Kelly says.

So in other words, just like many of today's journalist, Kelly wants to make this about her. Gone are the days where the subject was story. It's now all about me TV. 

She talked to Trump weeks ago and Trump appears on TV almost everyday. So, other than their feud, what really NEW are we going to to learn? 

As for Trump, Kelly is falling in line with many of her Fox co-workers (O'Reilly, Hannity, Greta) and getting on the Trump train. "I think that Republican women have warmed a little to Trump," Kelly told ABC News. 

Independent, strong and powerful women will not warm to Donald Trump, not after what he said about and did to women. 

One woman that is smart, strong and straight forward, says that she has voted Republican most of her adult life and there is no way she will cast a vote for Trump. This woman also just finished up her last round of Chemo in a nasty fight with breast cancer. 

Yes....this is a real survivor is.

Not a TV host that was called "overrated."

Just saying....