News Director Ousted in South Florida

Late yesterday afternoon, WINK in Ft. Myers parted ways with News Director Russ Kilgore.

Killgore has been at the station for the past 7 1/2 years. Earlier this year, Kilgore and WINK filed a copyright claim against FTVLive over video of their weather Anchor Jim Farrell dropping the F-Bomb.

FTVLive filed a counter claim, which we late won. 

Kilgore is also named in a lawsuit filed by former Anchor Matthew Dougherty, who says he was wrongly terminated from the station. 

Dougherty claims that Kilgore instructed him to destroy notes, video, photos and other information related to a story involving about 100 boxes of patient medical records found in an auctioned-off storage unit of a south Florida Doctor.

Kilgore had ties to the doctor and Dougherty, says that Kilgore spiked the story.