Another Win! FTVLive 7 - Big Media 0

Back on January 25th, FTVLive posted a video of WINK (Ft. Myers) WeathermanJim Farrell uttering the phrase, "Shut the Fuck up".

A couple of days after we posted the story, WINK's owner Fort Myers Broadcasting Company filed a copyright infringement claim with YouTube against FTVLive.

FTVLive fired back with a counter claim and once again FTVLive came out on top.

There was no doubt that the video was clearly within the fair use guidelines and the idea that WINK tried to fight it, is a bit embarrassing for them.

TV groups such as Hearst, Scripps, Gannet (Tegna) and others have taken on FTVLive and all have lost.

Our record now moves to 7-0 verses the big media companies when it comes to copyright claims.

No of course if WINK would have just let the video stay up and not tried to get it pulled, the story of their Weatherman throwing down the F-Bomb would have long been forgotten and buried deep in the FTVLive archives.

But, they have to try and censor us (yes a company that runs a news operation tries to censor the news) and now here it is back on the main page of

Let's listen to WINK Weatherman Jim Farrell whisper, "Shut the Fuck Up" one more time, shall we?