EXCLUSIVE: Pittsburgh Station to Address Anchor's Facebook Post in 5PM Newscast


FTVLive was the FIRST to report on WTAE Anchor Wendy Bell's Facebook post that she posted, edited, edited again, deleted and then apologized for.

Hearst owned WTAE has remained silent on the post while many though they should have stepped up and said/did something.

They did not.

Today the story is going viral and it appears that WTAE is finally going to issue a statement.

WTAE sources tell FTVLive in the 5PM newscast tonight (it just started at the time of this posting) the station is going to issue this statement:

We at WTAE would like to apologize for the actions of one of our anchors earlier this week.  
Wendy Bell posted a message on her Facebook page that offended many of our viewers.

Her post offended us.

Wendy has since apologized for what she wrote and acknowledged it was insensitive. Wendy is sorry for the words she chose, and so are we.

It was an egregious lack of judgment. WTAE regrets it happened and is committed to making sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Now that the post is down, it's time for WTAE to examine how we responded to this.

We are committed to working with local community organizations to further the dialogue around these important issues.

We believe what happened at WTAE this week should be something we all learn from.

We can be and will be better.

Again, this statement will be running soon on WTAE's 5PM newscast. 

Bell is not on the air, because get this, she is in Disney World with her family. 

You can't make this shit up.