FTVLive 6 Big Media Companies 0

Back on December 18th, FTVLive posted a video of KSWT (Yuma) Weather Anchor Nick Marusiak going live from a local jazz festival.

Marusiak appeared to be a bit lit when he went live and we posted the story, asking if you thought the weatherman was hammered, during his live shot?

Shortly after we posted the video, KSWT owner Blackhawk Broadcasting filed a copy infringement claim against FTVLive for posting the video.

FTVLive filed a counter claim, since we were clearly using the video of the guidelines of fair use. We are happy to report, FTVLive has won the counter claim which puts us at a perfect 6-0 versus big media companies.

Companies like Scripps, Hearst and others have made the same claims against FTVLive and we have won every single one of them.

These big media companies want to try and use their power and size to fight blogs like FTVLive from reporting the stories. Does anyone else see the irony here. Companies that are supposed to be about Journalism and the 1st amendment and trying to stop you from seeing stories on FTVLive. 

So, once again here is the video that KSWT and its owner Blackhawk Broadcasting does not want you to see.

So go ahead and watch it again, you know, just to piss these guys off and hopefully get them from making false claims against FTVLive. But, either way, we will keep fighting them and try to keep our undefeated record.