Here We Go Again....

It seems that KSWT and it's owner Blackhawk Broadcasting did not like the fact that FTVLive posted a video of their Weather Anchor Nick Marusiak going live from a Jazz Festival.

It appeared and to FTVLive and many thought the same thing that Marusiak was on the air under the influence of something. 

He was slurring his speech and coughing and not really making any sense. 

FTVLive posted the video on YouTube and KSWT filed a copyright infringement against FTVLive. 

We followwed up with a counter claim and fully expect to win that, just as we have against Hearst, Scripps and other ownership groups. 

It takes about two weeks and we will let you know the outcome. Although since this was clearly fair use, we know that it is an outcome that we will win. 

Stay tuned......