Networks Continue to let Trump Run Them

The Networks and cable news outlets are continuing to let Donald Trump run their operations as he sees fit.

Ever since Trump announced that he was running for President, the cable stations and broadcast networks have bowed to his demands and gave him more free publicity than any other Presidential candidate ever.

The latest network to give into the Donald is ABC. ABC was going to team up with the New Hampshire Union Leader for another (yes another) GOP debate on Feb. 6th. 

But Trump doesn't like the Union Leader because they have not written consistently glowing things about him. 

So, Trump whined to ABVC News and they promptly pulled the Union Leader as a co-sponsor.

"I am pleased to announce that I had the Union Leader removed," Trump said in a series of tweets.

ABC declined to comment, we're guessing because Donald Trump hasn't told them what to say yet.

Stay tuned....