O-Town Ratings Race is This/Close


FTVLive has told you in the past how close the news ratings race is in Pittsburgh. We said it is one of the most competitive markets when it comes to the News numbers.

Well, move over Pittsburgh, because her comes Orlando.

The March ratings race is a tight one in O-Town.

The numbers for viewers in the 25-to-54 age group was astonishingly close at 11 p.m. Monday through Sunday. WFTV-Channel 9 averaged 25,924 viewers. WESH-Channel 2 drew 25,863. And WKMG-Channel 6 attracted 25,584.

When the race is figured Monday through Friday, WKMG comes out on top with 25,766 viewers to WFTV's 25,177, WESH's 24,532 and WOFL-Channel 35's 13,463. WKMG noted that it was the third month in a row it had won the Monday-Friday race for the 25-to-54 age group, which is most important to news advertisers.

Yet WFTV had the most reasons to crow. The station drew the most 25-to-54 viewers in early morning, at noon and in early evening. WOFL continued to dominate 10 p.m. news race. WESH highlighted that its 4 p.m. news was tops in the time slot and that it was in a statistical tie with WFTV at 11. 

The WESH performance in late news is fascinating because the station had so little help from NBC. In March prime time, the CBS lineup on WKMG averaged 109,480 total viewers. The ABC lineup on WFTV averaged 107,923. The Fox lineup on WOFL drew 86,762.

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