We Wish Our Career Tanked Like That


Alessandra Stanley has a story in Today's New York Times on the disaster that is the Today Show.

The story doesn't really report anything new, it just kind of rehashes all the Lauer reports in the past few days.

The piece talks about how this isn't the first time there has been controversy over a Today Show anchor, but it is first time for it to be the male anchor that's being talked about.

Stanley then goes on to talk about all the female anchor changes and some of the swings and misses in that slot.

But there was one paragraph that we think Stanley missed the mark. By a lot.


She writes "Networks never seem to absorb lessons of lineup changes gone bad, NBC most of all. A little more than 20 years ago the network replaced Jane Pauley

 with the younger Deborah Norville; that “Today” show shake-up was so calamitous that it became a founding fiasco of morning television. Ms. Norville’s career never recovered." 

There is no question that Norville did not workout well on Today replacing Jane Pauley. Then again it might have been hard for anyone, not just Norville to replace a legend like Pauley.

But to say that "career never recovered," seems quite wrong to us.

Her "news" career might not have recovered. But Norville has been hosting "Inside Edition" since 1995 and banking some big bucks while doing it.

She was also just recently named on the Board of Directors of Viacom.

If this is a career that never recovered, we'd like to be as unsuccessful as Deborah Norville has been.

Just saying....

H/T New York Times