Fired Entertainment Reporter Says Local TV Needs more Entertainment Reporters

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Here's a shock... a former Entertainment Reporter that was let go from WNBC says that local TV needs more Entertainment Reporters.  

Former WNBC/Ch. 4 entertainment guru Jeffrey Lyons tells the NY Daily News that he thinks viewers are suffering from a lack of local critics on New York stations. He thinks station brass blew it when he was dumped from the NBC flagship in 2009.

Did anyone expect him to say "Yeah the station let me go and it was the perfect move from them.  I was just taking up space"?

“I lament the fact that there aren’t many critics” on the air, Lyons said. Although he understands local newscasts are changing, Lyons feels strongly that stations all over are lacking entertainment segments, aside from red carpet “fluff.”

“New York is not Kansas City. A big Broadway show opens [and] it’s an event,” Lyons says. “It makes us the most important media market in the country, if not the world.” (

A Broadway play makes NY the "most important media market in world"?! We're starting to think someone has gotten into the Easter wine a bit early. Also, if I was from KC I'd really be pissed. 

The story goes on to read that during his time at WNBC, Lyons had a regular Thursday feature on the 11 p.m. broadcast with Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons.

“That was the number one newscast in the country with a review of the big movie opening the next day, and the ratings were top,” Lyons said.

Oh! So the reason the newscast was number 1..... because this Lyons liked "Die Hard" and thought it was Bruce Willis best work yet?! Now we're thinking that this guy might make a run for the biggest ego to ever work in TV. 

But he then takes his lowest shot.

“If I’m a filmgoer and I want to know where I am going to spend my $12 this week, I don’t want to take the word of some anonymous blogger,” Lyons says.

The old "anonymous blogger" punch huh?

Well as a blogger (although not anonymous) I'm going to say here and now that WNBC has made some really dumb mistakes over the past few years.

Getting rid of Entertainment Reporter Jeffrey Lyons was NOT one of them.

H/T NY Daily News