The Lying Bastards at Amazon

I was hopping on Amazon before most people had ever heard of the website. The prices were good the shipping was fast and their customer service USED to be good. 

But now in a time when the President implies he has tapes of him and Jim Comey and then 42 days later said he was just making it up, Amazon has started lying to their customers. 

The online website that was once so good is now nothing more than another piece crap website that does bait and switch. 

On Wednesday, I ordered and item from Amazon that was "prime eligible" and said it was "in stock."

Since I wanted the item ASAP, I paid extra to have it shipped in one day, instead of the standard two day shipping for Prime Members. 

On Thursday (today), I get an email from Amazon saying that the item should arrive at my house on Tuesday. 

Now, I might not be that great at math, but if I ordered the item on Wednesday and it is not arriving till Tuesday, I'm fairly certain that is not one day. 

So, I called Amazon customer support and asked them, what the hell is up with that? 

The Amazon person told me that the item was out of stock and they were waiting for it to ship. I told her to go ahead and cancel the order. She asks me to stand by and then puts me on hold. She then comes back on the line and tells me the order can not be canceled because it has already shipped.


"But you just told me the item was out of stock and that is why it's delayed," I told the Amazon staffer. 

She then put me on hold again, comes back on the line and says the item can not be cancelled. I said, since I paid for one day shipping, that means it will be at my house tomorrow (which is still two days from when I ordered it)?

No, she says it is expected to arrive on Tuesday. 

Wait, how the fuck is this one day shipping then? 

I was a big fan of Amazon, but now that you lied to me, I'm sorry we need to break up. 

I totally get the President lying to me and that doesn't surprise me, but Amazon, I thought you were better than that. 

I'm sorry Amazon it's over and it's also time to unplug Alexa. 

OK Apple or Google....what do you got?