Studio Shake Ups at 30 Rock

If you want to find your way around NBC's 30 Rock, you might want to get a map.

There have been a lot of changes going down. 

Last year, NBC had been doing studio renovations at 30 Rock in New York.  

The Peacock unveiling studio 4E newsroom set (on the 4th floor), and renovation of studio 3A.  WNBC moving out of 3C last Fall, moving over to 3K.  Latest reports indicate that NBC Nightly News will be moving out of 3B, and into 3C.  

That has some wondering if studio 3B will be housing Megyn Kelly's new 9AM show, and no date has been announced on when her new 9AM show will debut, which will replace the current 9AM hour of Today.  

Another otherwise unoccupied studio at 30 Rock has to be 8B (8th floor), which previously housed Decision 2010 midterm election coverage for the networks of NBC.  

There's studio 6A, which previously housed the first season of NBC prime-time variety show Maya & Marty, and no word yet on whether that show is coming back.