Tegna Continues to Gut Phoenix station

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Tegna owned KPNX was pushing out main Anchor  Vanessa Ruiz.

Well, the bloodbath isn't over at the Phoenix station. Sources tell FTVLive that KPNX is also parted ways with award winning Investigative Journalist Wendy Halloran, after 7 years at the station.

And, on Friday, the staff found out that popular meteorologist Matt Pace was being walked out to his car. 

Also, we hear that Ameema Ahmed a Producer who worked there for 5 years was also escorted out of building.

Tegna has been dropping higher paid people across many of their stations and replacing them with younger, inexperienced (i.e. cheap) people. 

FTVLive has obtained a internal memo that was sent to the staff by News Director George Davilas saying that bikini wearing, Craftcasting Kristen Keogh will be joining the station as a Weather Anchor. 

Keogh does not have a lot of experience doing weather, but she does look better than Matt Pace in a bikini and likely will make less money, so this is a win-win for Tegna. 

It appears that Tegna is trying to get rid of all the olds before the Tegna Hunger Games gets started.

You know, to keep the games more "fun" and interesting.