Meet the Craftcaster Girls

Proving that TV people are not qualified to do anything else....

A couple of weeks ago, FTVLive told you that  KSAZ Fox O&O weekend anchor Kristen Keogh was leaving the station to start her own venture.

Believe it or not, it isn't in PR. 

Keogh has teamed up with KPNX Reporter Hailey Francis (who is keeping her job) to launch a YouTube channel called the wait....the CraftCasters.

It is newscasters that do crafts...get it? CraftCasters!

Anyway, the two look-a-likes put on their best sequin outfits set up a camera in the kitchen and welcomed fans to their new venture. 

If this video isn't at the top of their demo reel, then I just don't want to live anymore: