It Needs to be Rewritten

On Tuesday, FTVLive told you that Sinclair owned KABB Anchor Elisa Amigo was leaving the San Antonio station.  Her last day was yesterday. 

FTVLive wrote, "Amigo, who's been with the Sinclair station for 3 years, says she decided not to renew her contract."

We then included what she wrote to viewers on Facebook, again, the story said, Amigo wrote on Facebook that she is now headed north with her husband who has "career opportunities in Cleveland." "This was certainly not an easy decision, but since I've been married, I've learned a thing or two. It's not about me, it's about WE," she explained in the post."

Well, since we mentioned the fact that the two sides parted ways and that this is the same station that fired Anchor Evy seems that Elisa Amigo had a problem with that. 

She emailed FTVLive to tell us that "I saw the headline stating "Sinclair has parted ways with another female anchor" ... While we did part ways, it was solely my decision to leave.
They offered me another 3 year deal for more money - and I chose not to renew."

So she admits that she and the station parted ways, she just didn't like that we said that they "parted ways"......huh?  

She then added that the FTVLive story made it sound like she had been fired.

Never did we say or imply that she was fired and we said that she decided, "not to renew her contract." It was the third line of our originalstory. 

But Amigo said she still did not like the way the story was written. She responded with this email:

I think it's misleading to say KABB parted ways with me.
They offered me to renew for 3 more years - and I parted ways with them.
The line about Evy being fired gives implications that I was pushed out and that's misleading and untrue.

"Untrue" where was there anything in our original story that was untrue?

Here's a hint, there was nothing untrue in our story.

She then followed up in another email (yes there were a lot of them) saying that she "parted ways with them" and that she was offered a new deal. Again, this was all in our original story. 

And again.....She then followed up with this gem on an email: 

Right- but I parted ways with them.
It needs to be rewritten. Its unfair and misleading. 

It needs to be rewritten? It seems that Elisa Amigo has landed another job already. Since she is telling us what needs to be rewritten, we are guessing she is now the Managing Editor of FTVLive. Sadly, we never got the memo of her new job. 

So just to make sure everything is straight here.

Elisa Amigo told KABB to take their new 3 year offer to her and shove it. She parted ways with them and she was offered a new contract. They did not fire her (despite the fact that no one said that) and in fact it was her that fired them.

She is now headed to Cleveland to be with her husband, even though she was offered a new 3 year contract (did we mention that?) and SHE decided to part ways and not sign the new deal. 

If you are a manager at a Cleveland station and this woman comes knocking on your door, looking for work, my advice to you is run and hide. 

Hopefully, she will understand that last line was just our opinion and she will not demand that it be rewritten.