The House Guest....

Guys, you will have to excuse me this morning as FTVLive is running on little sleep and a bit distracted. 

Yesterday afternoon, I took Rory out for a walk just as a pouring rain started to move in. As it started to rain harder, I saw this dog running towards us. The dog had a collar, but no identification tags.

I went back, got my car and had the dog jump in. I drove around, hoping to see someone that was looking for their lost dog. 

I called a vet and took the dog to see if he was chipped? He was not. The Animal Control office is closed on Tuesday and I had nowhere to take the lost dog. 

I posted a picture of him on lost dog sites for Jacksonville. So far, no luck. 

As it started getting late and I had nowhere to take the lost dog, I had no choice but to bring him home. I wasn't worried about Rory and the dog getting along, but I was very worried about my cats. This dog is pretty big and I didn't know how that would go? 

Lucky for me, the lost dog basically ignored the cats and just followed me all around the house. 

He slept in the bed last night with me, Rory, Angel (one of my cats) and this big dog. Needless to say, there wasn't much room and I didn't get much sleep. 

When I finally did fall to sleep, I woke up late and had to walk two dogs. 

After this morning's update, I will again try and find his home. If not, I'll take him to animal control where hopefully, the owner will come and find him. 

He's a great dog and so sweet, I just want to get him back to his home.