Sinclair CEO Goes Off

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that a number of Sinclair stations are facing huge FCC fines after a pay for play story was not properly labeled in many Sinclair station's newscasts.

Sources say that the FCC fines could reach into the millions of dollars. 

At a recent News Director meeting at Sinclair's corporate headquarters, sources say that CEO David Smith went off. 

Sources say Smith was yelling at the ND's, at one point asking them how they were going to pay him back for their stupid mistakes.

He also told the News Directors that he would fire them on the spot if they were recording him, according to one source. 

"He told Scott Livingston (Corporate News Director) to shut up and sit down," said a source.

Word is that the FCC continues to look into the Sinclair screw up and David Smith might be writing a big fat check very soon. 

Sources say that Smith also showed the ND's a number of videos, including this one about the death of Trayvon Martin. Insiders say that Smith wanted them to see some good "investigative" reporting. 

Watch this and decide for yourself: