Greta: I Stand By What I Said (Updated)

When the allegations of sexual harassment Roger Ailes were made by former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson, Greta Van Susteren was one of the first to have the boss's back (although she claims that is not what she did). 

Van Susteren said that she never saw any signs of sexual harassment by Ailes and that he never did it to her. 

Ailes has since been fired as more allegations were made by other staff or former staff including reportedly Megyn Kelly.

Van Susteren took her blog and said that she stands behind everything she said and that she was not standing up for Ailes, just giving her account. 

Greta writes, "At the outset of the Roger Ailes investigation, right after Gretchen Carlson lawsuit hit the papers, I said:

1/ I never heard of the sexual harassment allegations – no one ever came to me and said anything to me about it – not once;
2/ I never saw it
3/ It never happened to me
4/ I said that Gretchen Carlson was unhappy when she was at Fox News (she told me that a few years back when we both happened to be in London covering the same story but never said it was sexual harassment.)

What I said above was true when I said it …and it is true now.

In the meantime, all sorts of motives and intentions have been assigned to me.

I did not defend Roger Ailes nor did I condemn him. I just stated what I knew or did not know.  Period."

Update: Greta added another paragraph to her post, adding:

As an aside..of course if I had known of any sexual harassment, I would not keep quiet as I would not want other people hurt by my silence.  You all know me – I speak up.  I do not know if that is what happened but other people at Fox now say they knew about it.  I did not.