Rochester TV Reporters Arrested at Black Lives Matter Protest

Rochester, NY Police arrested arrested two Reporters from WHAM for what were guessing was the crime of being black.

Seriously...thais happened. 

WHAM Reporters Carlet Cleare and Justin Carter, were arrested while they covered a Black Lives Matters protest.

Video of Carter's arrest showed that he did nothing wrong and police handcuffed him. Cleare was covering the arrest of Carter, when she herself was a busted as well. 

Both were released and the Mayor and the Police Chief apologized for the arrest of the two. Cleare took the high road and said she appreciated the apology. 

But, the idea that police would arrest Reporter's simply for doing their job is unacceptable. This is clearly a case of the cops stepping way over the line. 

The Reporters should explore legal action against the police as a reminder for the next time they try to stop the freedom of the press.