Man Busted for Stalking Memphis Anchor

Shelby Sheriffs Deputies arrested a man and charged him with stalking a Memphis Anchor.

Deputies arrested Donaldo Rivera on Friday for stalking WMC Anchor Kendall Kirkham. It appesr that Rivera was stalking the Anchor and her husband for months over the phone and on Facebook. 

The Shelby County affidavit of complaint against Donaldo Rivera gives disturbing details. After Kendall Kirkham blocked his initial messages, Rivera allegedly tracked down Kirkham's husband online and asked what she looked like naked.

Also, Rivera tried to reach Kirkham through co-anchor Andrew Douglas and Meteorologist Andrew Kozak, supposedly asking where Kirkham was and suggesting she come live with him. Most stomach-turning, the man allegedly asked if "bolt action speak louder than words" and said "Tell Kendall I play with life".

The affidavit says Rivera admitted to sending the messages.

He is in jail, charged with aggravated stalking. 

His bond is set at $6,000.

Should be higher if you ask us.