The Ladies Turn

Yesterday FTVLive told you that RTNDA (RTDNA) did a study on TV News Directors, which included the most popular names for ND's. Seriously, this where your membership dollars go?

The median age for a TV ND is 47. One questions that was asked in the survey, Are you spending more or less time on coping with limited staff or resources?  

Just under half, at 49.3%, of the TV news directors said the same.  Most of the rest, at 41.1%, said more time coping.  9.5% said less.  The smaller the market and the smaller the newsroom, the more likely for the news director to report spending more time coping with less.  Not surprisingly, then, news directors at the relatively few non-commercial stations that run local news on a daily basis scored near 80% saying they spend more time coping with less.

FTVLive expects that these numbers will rise in 2017. Stay tuned....

Yesterday, we told you the most popular names for a male News Director, Today it's the ladies turn. 

According to the study, female news bosses are most likely named: 

1. Kelly.  Up from third place last year.
2. Jennifer (combined with Jenny).  Same place as last year.
3. Tie: Julie (with Juli).  That’s up 3 places from a year ago. Way to go!
3. Tracy (with Tracey and Traci).  I list Julie first because there are fewer variants even though Tracy is new to the list.
5. Cathie (with Cathy, Kathy, Kathryn, Kate and Kay).  Dropping off from last year’s first place slot. 6. Tie (5 ways for the rest of the top 10): Andrea
6. Kim (with Kimberly) 6. Amy (with Amie)
6. Anne (with Anna)
6. Susan (with Sue and Susie)

If you're not working for a Kelly or Jennifer, then let's face it, you're not squat.