What's in a Name?

According to an RTNDA (yes I know it's now the RTDNA, but I refuse to go there) study, the median age of a TV News Director is 47 years old. 

Also in the study, the most popular names for male News Directors. The list:

Most common male names for news director:  

1. Mike (combined with Michael).  Third year in a row (out of the three years I’ve done this).
2. Bob (combined with Rob, Robb and Robert).  That’s a 3-position jump for this fine name.
3. John (combined with Jack).  It’s down from #2 because I didn’t combine it with Jon and Jonathan this year because I was persuaded that they’re different names.  Even if I did combine with Jon and Jonathan, it would still be a tie for second.
4. David (and Dave).  Down from third last year.
5. Jim (and James).  It’s down two spots from last year, but that’s because I didn’t combine it with Jamie because I was persuaded that Jamie could be a different name.  If I included it, Jim would be back up to third place.  Yes, it’s that close.
6. Mark (and Marc).  No change from last year.
7. Steve (and Stephen).  Up one notch.
8. Tie: Scott. Same spot.
8. Jeff (back in the top 10).
8. Kevin (also back in the top 10). 

In an FTVLive study, the most things people call their News Director behind their back:

1. Asshole (the top spot for the 20th straight year)
2. Jerk (up from number 3)
3. Spineless (down from number 2)
4. The GM's Lapdog (This stays in the same spot)
5. Douche Bag (This is new to the list)
6. Morford
7. Wimp (holds the same spot)
8. Weak ass pussy (new to the list)