Sign Of the Times

The broadcast networks went big on the coverage of the little boy that was reportedly killed by an alligator at Walt Disney World.

ABC News covered the story as they would any other, even through this was about parent company Disney. 

Good Morning America had to make a number of last minute changes as it expected to do numerous reports on the opening of Shanghai Disneyland theme park. 

GMA Anchor Robin Roberts was at the Shanghai park, but was scrubbed from the show when word of the gator attack came down. 

It would be hard to promote one Disney property, when such a tragic event was happening at another one. GMA is holding the Shanghai Disneyland stories and will air them at another date. 

As for the evening newscasts, once again ABC cover the story just like any other. Correspondent Gio Benitez was covering the story that involved the parent company but seemed to cover it like any other story, so props to him. 

NBC and CBS took Disney to task for not having signs warning people about alligators. "Serious questions are being raised about whether Disney has done enough to keep its guests safe," Lester Holt said.

After getting done taking his selfies, NBC Correspondent Gabe Gutierrez said, "Why no mention of alligators on the signs to keep people out of the water?" A Disney rep told NBC News, alligators in Florida are a fact of life, and they're in their habitat. 

On the CBS Evening News, Correspondent Mark Strassman made a similar point about the lack of signage.

FTVLive has to agree with Disney on this one. If you come upon a pond or lake in Florida, it's a sure bet that there is an alligator near by. 

It seems that in today's world everyone wants a sign for everything. You can thank the lawyers for that.

Go to Home Depot and look at a step ladder. Years ago it was just a ladder, now it has warning signs all over not to stand on the top steps, how to place the ladder, stuff that is just plain common sense. 

Soon you will arrive at the airport in Orlando and before you step outside, there will be a sign telling you, "Warning! It's Hot Outside and High Humidity!"

Hot and humid in Florida? Who knew?

You come to Florida, you can expect to see an alligator in a lake. You don't need a sign. But, you can bet that Disney will add a sign to their lakes and ponds to appease the lawyers and people calling for them. 

It might soon get that you will have so many signs, with so many warnings, you might not even be able to see the lake. 

Guess it's a sign of the times.