Like Banging Your Head Against the Wall....

As search crews continue to hunt for any clue of the 2 year old that was believed to be eaten by an alligator, news crews again are gathered at another tragic scene in Orlando.

So while police, the child's family and friends searched for any sign of their missing girl, WTVT's (Tampa) Shayla Reaves, who is covering the story for the Fox O&O, thought it would be a good time to smile and take a selfie with NBC's Gabe Gutierrez.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.01.58 AM.png

OK, you might say a local Reporter just doesn't know any better and that certainly seems to be the case, since this happens over and over again. 

But, you surely would think that an NBC Reporter would know. Think if the little boy's family looked over at the two smiling Reporters while they take a selfie. How would you feel, if it was your son in the water? 


By the way, for your people that are not familiar with alligators, the idea of one attacking is very rare. gators are seen in almost every pond on Florida golf courses and as golfers get near the waters edge, the gator will swim away. Thousands of people come in contact with gators each and everyday in Florida with no incident. 

So, please don't turn this into the Summer's shark attack stories that seem to be a media fixation every year. 

This is not that.