Why Mr. Trump?

On a day that can only be described as tragic and horrifying, Donald Trump still saw it as a chance to try and score political points.

After the shooting that either killed or injured more than 100 people, Trump still had to try and make it about himself:

For get the scores of people that lost their lives, Trump wants you to know that he was "right" and he appreciates all the people that are telling him that.

As President Obama dressed the country about the Orlando tragedy, once again Trump wanted to get political:

There is so much that could be said right here, but we will let you and hopefully the Trump media to draw their own conclusions. 

Also, it should be pointed out that CNN's media reporter Brian Stelter points to a Trump tweet that was unsourced and Trump basically copy and pasted.

Let's hope he vets is VP candidate a little bit better than his twitter.