Ummmmm..... (Updated)

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Cox owned WJAX/WFOX was all giddy about their new news chopper, with the awful name "Sky Action News Jax."

Today, their chopper has already landed the station in hot water with police.  

The big story here in Jacksonville is about a triple murder in Clay County and the suspect is still on the loose. 

The Clay County Sheriff's office says that a news chopper is hampering their efforts. They released this statement:

"A helicopter flying low in the area of a search location off of SR 16 in Green Cove is hampering our search efforts and causing officer safety concerns.  Any media outlet responsible for that aircraft is asked to pull back to a safe distance as a courtesy to our members attempting to safely locate the suspect.  
Thank you. 
Mary Justino CCSO"

Since WJAX has been pounding the fact that they have the only news chopper in Jacksonville, we can guess who the cops are pointing fingers at. 

We're guessing this is one story you will not see on Action News Jax.

Just saying.... 

Upadted: WJAX News Director Bob Longo tells FTVLive says that they worked with police on the scene. The cops thought that a radio interference problem was caused by the station's chopper. But, he added that, "Police monitored our helicopter video and in fact, communicated with us and mentioned that fact during news conference."