Jacksonville Station Gets New Toy

Cox owned WJAX/WFOX has gotten a new toy just in time for sweeps. 

The station took the wraps off their new news chopper with they have dubbed "Sky Action News Jax" which maybe the worst name for a news chopper in the history of news choppers (how about the "Action News Air Ship" or "Sky Cox"?)

Anyway, everyone from News Director Bob Longo to the WJAX Janitor is tweeting about their new toy. 

Of course, every station that gets a new news chopper, overuses the hell out of it. "Sky Action News is over the mall in the pitch dark and you can see nothing that is going on inside, but hey we have a chopper."

Then the fuel bills start coming in and 7 months later, about the only place you see the news chopper is on the ground. 

It's the life of a TV news chopper.

But, right now, the Cox station is excited as a kid in a candy store over their new toy.