FBN Tops CNBC again

It's been a long hard slog, but Fox Business is now finding itself passing CNBC in the demos and inching ever closer in total ratings.

When FBN launched back in 2007, CNBC basically laughed it off as a non-threat and went along with their business.

But, CNBC is not laughing anymore. Fox Business is now neck and neck in the ratings with CNBC. On Wednesday, FOX Business Network beat CNBC in Business Day (9:30a-5p) in the key A25-54 demo with 41,000 vs. CNBC's 33,000.

The network also came within striking distance of CNBC's total viewers with 178,000 total viewers, just 16 percent shy of CNBC's 211,000 for Business Day. In addition, FBN beat CNBC every hour from 11AM-3PM in the key A25-54 demo and is continuing to close the gap against 25 year old business rival network CNBC.