Petition Started to Welcome Hoda to Tulane

On Friday, FTVLive told you that some students at Tulane said they felt "cheated" that that their commencement speech was going to be given by NBC Today Show host Hoda Kotb. 

Some students event started a petition to speak out against Kotb giving the speech (the petition was taken down shortly after being put up).

Well, now some other students are fighting back against the haters and have started a petition of their own. 

The new petition has over 850 signatures in support of Hoda and has set a goal of 1000.

The petition says, "Support for Hoda from the rest of the student body has gone unnoticed in the shadow cast by negativity; let’s show them and Hoda how happy and lucky we are to welcome her to Tulane! Please sign to support the selection of Hoda Kotb as our commencement speaker!"

And of course we are dealing with kids, many of who don't watch TV, the petition says, "If you don’t know who Hoda Kotb is, we encourage you to look her up, and in the comments write one reason why you’re excited to see her!"