"We Feel Cheated"

FTVLive is a big fan of NBC's Hoda Kotb, but it seems not everyone is. 

Tulane University announced that Kotb would be the school's 2016 commencement speaker. Kotb was the local girl who raised to star status and it seemed like a very good pick for Tulane's graduation. 

But, you know kids now-a-days, they feel like they have been cheated and deserve someone "better' to speak to their class. 

The main problem is kids today don't watch Today, in fact they really don't watch much television at all. For kids, it's Netflix and YouTube.

So, while the elders at Tulane thought that Kotb was a great choice, many students shrugged their shoulders and said "Who?"

How bad was it? An online petition was started to get the school to get someone else. 

The petition gained 262 signatures before it was shutdown and deleted.  

It read, "We all feel cheated." "Given the amount of money, work, and passion we have poured into our educational careers at Tulane, we think we deserve better than this. Hoda Kotb is hardly an inspirational figure, and despite the fact that she has had a successful career in journalism, we feel that we deserve a more recognizable and more prominent figure than her. Commencement speeches are supposed to inspire students before they are thrown into the real world. Hoda Kotb spends her time sipping wine on talk shows, and discussing which dog breed is trendiest in 2016. There's hardly anything inspirational about that. This is an embarrassment (sic) not only to the entire class of 2016, but also to the school as a whole."


Tulane is standing with their choice and Kotb will be speaking to the kids at Tulane at their Spring graduation. 

Kids these days.