TV Agent Has Email Hacked

It appears that one TV Agent is having someone email problems.

Yesterday, an email was sent out with the subject line: DO NOT OPEN E-MAIL FROM GREGG WILLINGER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

There are many News Directors that won't open a email from Gregg Willinger period, but not because Gregg said so. 

It seems that Willinger's email has been hacked and the hackers are now having email conversations with some of the people that the agent corresponds with. 

In the email warning from Willinger's agency it says:

Gregg's e-mail at has been hacked; we are working on securing the email as we speak. The e-mail with subject: "Important e-documents" is NOT from Gregg; DO NOT OPEN IT!The hacker is even corresponding with a few people, please do not correspond with this account until further notice. We will keep you posted. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at the office 212-695-XXXX, or e-mail Tatiana or Angelo. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Of course the best thing anyone can do is use only agents that you see advertising here on FTVLive. These agents are the best of the best, or we promise you would not see their ad on this site. 

FTVLive has turned down agents money that have wanted to place an ad on this site. We only let the best of the best on and I can assure you, their email works. 

Just saying.....