Another Episode of The Handicap Spot

While parking in a handicap spot was made into an entire episode of Seinfeld, I don't want it to become the entire focus of FTVLive.

But, with that said, here is another case of parking stupid.

WIFR (Rockford) Reporter Eric O'Brien pulled his station news car into either a handicap parking space or loading zone, depending on who's telling the story.

One viewer did not like the fact of where O'Brien parked his car and let the air out of two of the news vehicle's tires. 

O'Brien then took to social media to show what the viewer did.


O'Brien claimed parked in a loading zone next to the handicap spot. But, as anyone that has had a license for longer than 10 minutes knows, most often the "loading zone" next to the handicap spot is so those that are wheelchair bound, have room to maneuver, without being blocked in by a car next to them. 

So, it appears that while O'Brien says he would never park in a handicap spot, he basically did just that.  

O'Brien then took to social media saying that he used a bike pump to put air back in the tire and the last laugh was his and not the guy that let the air out of his tires. 

Ummmmm ok....