Reporter Offers to Pay FTVLive to Take Story Down About Him

Back in December, FTVLive posted a story about WCYB Reporter Greg Richards, read name Greg Gullberg and his online bio.

Richards dives head on into the "all about me" TV Reporter craze that seems to have taken over Today's TV news. 

After we posted that story, FTVLive found out that while Richards included a lot of personal information in his bio, he left the part out about being arrested in 2014 on battery and disorderly conduct charges.

And then just before starting his job at WCYB, he was busted again for DWI.

So anyway, Richards emails FTVLive and says that the charges against him in 2014 were dropped and that the event "legally" never happened. He wanted FTVLIve to pull the story and take down his mugshot.

We asked him about his other arrest and what became of that? He refused to comment on that unless we "reach an agreement."

FTVLive told Gullberg that we would have no problem updating the story about his 2014 arrest, if he would just pass on some documentation that showed that all charges where dropped in the incident.

But, we also asked him again about his other arrest for driving drunk.

He responded with this, "I've never seen a blogger write about two year old charges before, especially when they were dropped completely.  Also, when countless Newscasters have DUI's, I've never seen a blogger write about a first offense with no jail sentence."

Of course FTVLive has written about many "newscasters" that have been busted for DUI and we will continue to do so.

Then came this exchange and we will post the 4 emails unedited and in their entirety:

Yep, according Greg Richards (Gullberg) a Reporter in market 97, FTVLive is not ethical in what we do. The same Greg Richards (Gullberg) that tried to pay us to take down a story about his arrests.

As to his current job at WCYB (Bristol, VA Market 97), it doesn't appear that Mr. Richards (Gullberg) is very impressed with the station he works at or the market.

When we emailed him back after his first email with some questions, this what his reply:

Maybe a bigger market can help him out and hire him so that he can cover real news. Although, I'll be honest, if I was Greg, I wouldn't be standing by the phone.

Just saying.....