Looks Like You Left Something Out of that Bio

A few days ago, FTVLive told you about the online bio for WCYB Reporter Greg Richards.

Richards posted a bio on the station's website that highlighted his life as a teenager, talked about attending church in Ferguson, Mo., his loving home and the death of his brother. It truly is the "all about me" TV bio.

But, while Greg seems to share his entire life in his long station bio, it appears that he left something out.

Just over a year ago in March of 2014, cops in Chatham County, Georgia arrested a Gregory Richard Gullberg on battery and disorderly conduct charges.

The mugshot of Gregory Richard Gullberg looks an awful lot like our intrepid Ti-Cities Tennessee Reporter Greg Richards.  

But surely if this was our Greg, wouldn't he have included this in his online bio. He seemed to share so much, why would he leave this out? You maybe right after the part about going to church in Ferguson.