Why Did Fox O&O Spike a Story that Their Reporter Promoted?

Earlier in the month, WTTG Reporter Emily Miller promised viewers an exclusive story: 

The story was a “Drinking Fountain,” at a DC school that had arrows pointing to “White” and “Colored.” The sign was part of Black History month program at the school. 

15-year-old Nicholas Bailey, approached the water fountains and according to his mom it froze him. He is the only white student in the school, says his mom. “I didn’t know what side to drink out of because the kids — I don’t think they would have reacted well if they saw me drinking from either of the sides,” says the ninth-grader. So, he decided not to drink any water. 

The boy's mom, Marny Britt complained to the school, but the school said that February was Black History Month, a time to explore topics such as civil rights and segregation — a scourge that applied not only to education and public transportation but also to water fountains and other amenities. 

Nicholas Bailey has not returned to the school and the entire story was supposed to be reported by Miller on the newscast. But Britt claims the station spiked the story after the  Dean of the school complained to WTTG News Director Paul McGonagle.

Britt reply to Miller's tweets, claiming the ND spiked the story.

WTTG's Tony Perkins tweeted back saying that the story might still run. But 3 weeks later, it has not.

Also, Miller seems to not have filed a single story since she tweeted out that this one would be airing.

Of course, since this is a Fox O&O, no one can or will talk. The Washington Post's Erik Wemple  has tried contacting Miller, McGonagle. and Fox Television corporate....no one will return his calls.  

The only thing we know for sure is that the "exclusive" that Emily Miller promised has not aired.

Stay tuned....