Get Out Now!

You want to see some all about me TV at it's finest, let's head down to North Carolina and WNCN.

Reporter Steve Sbraccia and Photographer Dan West were out on the road in the Mobile News Tracker (which is just an SUV in the real world) doing storm coverage.

The dynamic duo found themselves right  in the storm's path, which is what we thought the Mobile News Tracker was built to do. 

WNCN Meteorologist Bill Reh then warned the duo they were in deep danger and it was all happening live on the air (what are the chances of that happening?).

“Guys — he needs to take cover.. Get out of that car… he’s in the heart of it…” said Reh during the live coverage of the storms. “

"Dan… get off the road the road night now!,” Sbraccia screamed at his Photographer. 

So, did our dynamic duo become tornado tinder? Was it curses for the crew? 

Watch the video below and find out if Steve and Dan made it out alive, or fell victims to the wicked weather.

Then tune in next week for another edition of "All About Me TV" same Bat time same Bat channel.